is keeping track of 802140 hotspots across 553686 accounts.

Yesterday, we tracked mining rewards of 58,962.30 HNT with a market value of 539,505.01 USD

The average mining reward per hotspot was 0.07 HNT with a value of 0.67 USD

Shaggy Hickory Goat was the number one with 37.87 HNT worth 346.55 USD

Hotspots tracked
0.07 HNT
average per Hotspot (yesterday)

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Realtime Notifications for your hotspots activities

monthly statistics of your Mining Rewards

Track all your hotspots on multiple accounts

We do all the math for you!

Easily manage contacts for your hotspots hosts

Commissions are calculated automatically

Payments are as easy as scanning a qrcode

Bulk Payments comission Payments with a single qrcode & json export

Hotspot Guard

Email, Telegram or Push-notifications when your hotspot is offline or without Proof of Coverage Events

Monitoring Downtimes and transmit scale changes

HeliumTracker Team

New version of our HeliumTracker mobile app

Today we released a new version of our HeliumTracker mobile app.

This version fixes issues with In App Purchases so it is important to update before you purchase a membership through the app.

In the old version it happened that some of you bought duplicate memberships and paid for them twice.

Unfortunately, we cannot actively refund duplicate payments. You have to request a refund in the AppStore or PlayStore, which we will of course refund.
If you are affected please open a ticket in support with your UserId so we can fix your account.