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HeliumTracker Team

Telegram Realtime notifications

As mentioned a few days ago we have been working on telegram notifications for your hotspots rewards in the past few days.
We have been testing this feature during the weekend and think it is ready for you now.

1. visit our heliumtracker telegram bot: https://t.me/heliumtracker_bot
2. get your telegram connect key on: https://www.heliumtracker.io/account
3. type /connect yourkey to connect to your useraccount
4. you will receive a message from our bot whenever your hotspots are receiving rewards (POC activity is not supported yet)

commands of the bot:
/connect TOKEN (connects your account
/disconnect (disconnects your account)
/h (lists your hotspots)
/h hotspotname (rewards for a given hotspot)
/stats (rewards for your account)
/mute (mutes notifications for 8 hours)
/mute 12 (mutes notifications for 12 hours)
/unmute (resumes notifications)