HeliumTracker Team

Upcoming: New memberships & new features

We would like to inform you about an upcoming change of our premium memberships.

To better meet the needs of our users we are introducing 3 new memberships:

# STARTER $2.95 per month
- Max 3 Hotspots
- 60 days of reward data
+ Real time updates
+ Telegram notifications
+ Premium Queue
+ Commission Payment with qrcode
+ Bulk payments with qrcode
+ Monthly Reward & Commission report
+ Neighbourhood Comparison
+ Hotspot Guard

# IDEAL 5.95$ per month
- max 15 Hotspots
+ everything from STARTER
+ 90 days of reward data
+ Online Status Monitor (coming soon)
+ Hotspot Ping Test (1 per hour & hotspot)

# PROFESSIONAL $15.95 per month
- max 50 Hotspots
+ everything from IDEAL
+ 180 days of reward data
+ Hotspot Ping Test (2 per hour)
+ API Access (10.000 req / month) (coming soon)

# BUSINESS 49,95$ per month
- Max 150 hotspots
- everything from PROFESSIONAL
+ Hotspot Ping Test (2 per hour)
+ API Access (50.000 req / month) (coming soon)
+ Premium Host Dashboard (All premium features for your hosts)

# ENTERPRISE 99,95$ per month
- Max 500 hotspots
- everything from BUSINESS
+ Hotspot Ping Test (12 per hour)
+ API Access (250.000 req / month) (coming soon)
+ Whitelabel Solution (coming soon)

Accounts that already exist at the time of this change are not affected by this change and will continue to run at the old terms until the end of the subscription.

As you can see there are a few upcoming features marked with "(coming soon)". Those features are already in development and/or testing stage and are supposed to be released within the next weeks.

The next major update will include the changes to our subscriptions and an improved version of the hotspot guard including a regular ping/relay check for your hotspots. We will also add telegram notification support to the hotspot guard.

Last but not least: The release of the ios/android app for heliumtracker.io has been postponed in favor of the above mentioned changes.