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HeliumTracker Team

Performance Improvements: Releasing the handbrake of our servers

We have just released the handbrake on our web servers.

At this moment there are more than 1000 users online at the same time.
It turned out that 2048 concurrent connections are no longer enough to deliver HeliumTracker.io.
We have drastically increased the number of concurrent connections and it looks like we have solved this bottleneck.
The response times of our servers are now back in the optimal range.

We have also just enabled the manual hotspot ping test feature which can ping the last known ip address of your miner and validate that it is online and ports are forwarded properly.
This feature will find its way to the hotspot guard as soon as we have finished the integration of the heliumstatus api to determine realtime ip address information.

@Sinbad has started a feedback contest:

Contest Time - Ends 01/17/21
Drop a HT review in feedback and a winner will be picked next Monday.
Bonus: If you have old screenshots of the website and how far we’ve come, your entry will count as two raffle tickets.
Rules: Must be a subscribed member of HeliumTracker’s service.
Winner will receive 1 HNT 🙂