HeliumTracker Team

New Features & Updates on the Mobile App

First of all, we would like to apologize for the server outage this morning.
For reasons that have not yet been explained, both load balancing servers went down at the same time and the website could not be delivered as a result.
Both HotspotGuard and Telegram notifications continued to run and HeliumTracker also remained in sync with the blockchain.

We will go through the server logs today and cause to find out the exact cause of the outage.

Reminder Feedback Contest:

@sindbad has started a feedback contest:

Contest Time - Ends 01/17/22
Drop a HT review in feedback and a winner will be picked next Monday.
Bonus: If you have old screenshots of the website and how far we've come, your entry will count as two raffle tickets.
Rules: Must be a subscribed member of HeliumTracker's service.
Winner will receive 1 HNT 🙂

Updates on the mobile app:

we made great progress again this week and have been using/testing the app for a few days now. There are still a few little things that need to be done but we are very close to the goal.
We will create the store entries at Apple and Google in the next few days and then start a beta test of the app with you.
Android users might even be lucky enough to get their hands on the app before the beta test. There is no exact, fixed schedule for this yet.

Updates & new features in the past week:

As you know, we are working hard on the mobile app right now. Nevertheless, there were also some interesting updates on the website in the last week:

New Notification System

: HotspotGuard notifications can now be sent to the app via Telegram or Push Notification. You'll also get notifications for incoming/outgoing payments.

New Map Module:

In preparation for the mobile app, we changed the display and functionality of the map. In addition to animated beacons, the hotspot map has now been split into hexagons.

4K Display Support:

Better layout of the dashboard for very large screens.

Customizable Dashboard:

You can now set the layout of your dashboard yourself. All settings like the hotspot filter will be saved.

Account upgrade function:

If you get new hotspots and need a higher tier level you can now upgrade your account automatically. The duration of your membership will be adjusted without additional payment. Please note: existing credit card subscriptions will be cancelled and must be renewed afterwards.

Performance improvements for Business & Enterprise:

We have optimized both the dashboard and the hotspot filters for users with many hotspots. Loading times of several seconds are now a thing of the past.

UNPKG.com removed:

Due to several outages, we stopped using unpkg's content delivery network and now host the corresponding files on our servers.