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HeliumTracker Team

Realtime Hotspot Status Check

After a few weeks of internal testing we just released the Realtime Hotspot Status Check today.

The new system tries to establish a connection to your hotspot using the helium P2P-network and performs several Ping-Checks.

We are using the same check in our new Hotspot Guard 2.0 which checks the connectivity of your hotspot in regular intervals and sends you a notification whenever a hotspot ist offline.

During our internal tests the system detected offline hotspots within only 5 minutes. Changes of your Listen Addresses/ Relay Status have been detected within 30-120 minutes.

However in some cases we can't establish a connection to some hotspots for an unknown period of time. We are using multiple (=many!!) servers to improve our chances finding a valid conection.

You can enable Hotspot Guard 2.0 in your Account.