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HeliumTracker Team

Light Hotspots - HeliumTracker.io API - New Features

The transition from helium to "light hotspots" is complete. As most of you have noticed, the update did not go smoothly and has resulted in the loss of POC rewards for a few days.
With the update, validators will take over the job of generating beacons and therefore our hotspots will no longer need to sync the blockchain. This will ensure that the network will be more stable in the future and fewer hotspots will be offline.

# New features on heliumTracker.io.

* Sync Data removed

Sync-Data & Block Height have been removed from the website and from hotspot guard.

* Validators have been added: *

So now you can also track your validators revenue through our service.
to add a validator you can currently use the hotspot add form and use the address of your validator in the address field.

* DEVELOPER TOOLS: HeliumTracker.io API & Webhooks

We also released our HeliumTracker.io API a few weeks ago. You can use this to use data from your account in your own tools.
You can also define a webhook URL in your account to which all realtime notifications will be sent.

* Automatic Payout Receipts via Email

You can now send payout receipts via email to your hosts when paying your comisssions.

* Monthly Report via Email

Long awaited by many: You can now also have your Monthly Reports sent via Emails: this feature is available for your account as well as for your hosts/contacts.

* Thanks to HotspotRF.com

As previously announced, we are already working behind the scenes with HotspotRF.com to share our Dedicated Blockchain Servers (ETLs). This has given us the opportunity to take our Blockchain Servers offline and perform important maintenance.
We will continue to deepen our cooperation with HotspotRF in the coming week.