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HeliumTracker Team

New payout system & bulk payments

You can now choose a custom timespan and you can customize which existing payments will be ignored. The new system also supports bulk-payouts with a single qrcode for up to 40 contacts.

HeliumTracker Team

HeliumTracker Dashboard for your hosts

First of all thank you all for your feedback and your ideas to improve heliumTracker.io

Todays new feature is the result of your feedback:

You can now invite your hosts to heliumtracker.io and they can track their rewards on your commissions.

In your "commissions" area you will now find an invitation link for every commission.

Simply send this to your hosts and they can import the commission into their account.
Commission's data like start date end date and number of percentage will be set automatically and also the corresponding hotspot will be added to their accounts.

Happy mining!

HeliumTracker Team

Serveral performance optimizations

About 4 weeks after the official launch of heliumTracker.io we have now more than 1000 registered users.

We are very happy you like our service and we are still improving it for you.

Some of you actually have hundreds of hotspots in their accounts which caused major performance problems in the past days.

We now introduced an intelligent caching system which speeds up things a lot.

We also reactivated the hotspot guard today, you can change its settings on your accounts settings page.

HeliumTracker Team

HeliumTracker Hotspot Guard

Today we published the first version of the heliumTracker Hotspot Guard.

The Hotspot Guard is checking your hotspots online status, blockchain sync status and changes to your reward scale.

Whenever a change is detected it sends you an email notification. We are planning to enhance this feature with push notifications as soon as our mobile app is production ready.

Happy mining

Edit: There has been a bug with the reward scale notifications: unfortunately some of you received notifications even though there was no change.
Sorry for spamming you :(

HeliumTracker Team

Top Cities now with average income per Hotspot

We are now calculating and collecting reward data for cities.

With this data you are able to find cities that perform best in average per hotspot, cities with the most mining rewards or with the most hotspots.

Our impression: At the moment cities with about 50 active hotspots and an average reward scale close to 1.0 perform very well.

Happy mining!