HeliumTracker Team

Avoiding dowtimes with more redundancy

This morning we had another system failure on our loadbalancer server which led to a heliumtracker.io downtime of several hours.

HeliumTracker is already powered by a total of 6 dedicated web servers. To increase redundancy we will add another loadbalancer server today.

While researching the cause, we came across two common triggers:
1: There are some users with several thousands(!!!) of hotspots in their account.

The elaborate calculations in the dashboard are not designed for this scale and thus overload our servers.

For this reason we will have a maximum hotspot limit of 500 per account starting today. If you really need more than 500 devices in one account contact us - we have an enterprise solution in the pipeline.

2nd: The calculations of the city charts is too computationally intensive.

Every morning around 5:00 am UTC our system recalculates the revenue statistics of the cities. This background job now takes several minutes to complete. Together with the above mentioned loads, this job then apparently leads to a crash.

To counter this problem we will stop the calculations of the city charts until further notice.

HeliumTracker Team

Upgraded our server fleet

To scale up with the growth of our active userbase we decided to upgrade our server fleet.

Until now only a single webserver was serving the app. Of course he was supported by our super fast database server and our dedicated blockchain server.
This server is actually the same machine that brought the very first version of heliumTracker.io to the first users back in may this year.

With an increasing number of users and page views, this server has reached its limits and has now been replaced by two new servers.

Nevertheless, we do not want to terminate it and have now given it a new task as a load balancer for the two new ones.

In the next few days we keep monitoring the performance and see what else we could do to give you the fastest and most reliable service possible.

Happy mining!

HeliumTracker Team

Telegram Realtime notifications

As mentioned a few days ago we have been working on telegram notifications for your hotspots rewards in the past few days.
We have been testing this feature during the weekend and think it is ready for you now.

1. visit our heliumtracker telegram bot: https://t.me/heliumtracker_bot
2. get your telegram connect key on: https://www.heliumtracker.io/account
3. type /connect yourkey to connect to your useraccount
4. you will receive a message from our bot whenever your hotspots are receiving rewards (POC activity is not supported yet)

commands of the bot:
/connect TOKEN (connects your account
/disconnect (disconnects your account)
/h (lists your hotspots)
/h hotspotname (rewards for a given hotspot)
/stats (rewards for your account)
/mute (mutes notifications for 8 hours)
/mute 12 (mutes notifications for 12 hours)
/unmute (resumes notifications)

HeliumTracker Team

Invite your friends to heliumtracker.io and earn HNT

We are now offering an affiliate/referal program:
If you enjoy heliumtracker.io and you think your friends will also benefit from it you can send them your personal referal link and you will receive 20% lifetime commission on their premium spendings. Payments will be made in HNT directly to your wallet. More information on this is coming later.

For those of you who have been inviting friends in the past: Please contact me via direct message on Discord with your account id and the account ids of your friends. You find your account ID on the upper left corner of the app.

Our discord: https://discord.gg/tqZrnjgMHz

HeliumTracker Team

New payout system & bulk payments

You can now choose a custom timespan and you can customize which existing payments will be ignored. The new system also supports bulk-payouts with a single qrcode for up to 40 contacts.